The truth is, people will always come and go as they like. You can’t hold it against them, and you can’t deny you’re okay with it; Especially when a moment comes where you need someone. If such a time meets you, take solace in the ones there for you. Remember them. Thank them. And know the universe admires you so much, that when one person leaves, another enters your life.

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Being inspired by a person, is a new experience to me. A new inspiration.

Now I understand what Adler meant to Holmes.

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Today I don’t belong to this planet. See you tomorrow.

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Toph Bei Fong pointing

Quality GIF photoset.

Finally catching up with “Avatar: The Last Airbender”, while waiting for the next seasons of Legend of Korra. With one season left to watch, it’s made its way to my all-time favourite animated series.

1. This series is just Awesome.

2. As much as I love the team, Toph is my favourite. She’s a blind earth bender with badass skills and attitude. Tough not to like her. Next in line is Aang and Katarra on my favoured list.

3. This series is awesome.

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Katara’s healing abilities. 

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2014. Hopefully.

UPDATE:2015 :)

2014. Hopefully.

2015 :)

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me: Hi! sorry to bug you at this time. Reading a research paper on quantum mechanics. This question arose..
"Then why is the act of us observing something so fundamentally different from everything else in the universe?"
My conclusion...
This is because consciousness is not within "the universe" but moreover the experience of progressing through different universes, or possible instants every consecutive moment we observe (time).
1: .... you know. That's actually too amazing for me to hate you at this moment for waking me up. LOL damn.
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Stoya.I’ll just leave this here.

I’ll just leave this here.

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Just a few more days.Marvel and IMAX teamed up with Mondo to create this poster for the midnight premier of Iron Man 3. Looks so sick.

Just a few more days.

Marvel and IMAX teamed up with Mondo to create this poster for the midnight premier of Iron Man 3. Looks so sick.